L'occitane Haul - Rainbow in sight

made a quick trip last sunday to the outlet. need to stock up on some L'occitane skin care products. i got 3 trial size items since i don't see anything else. i got the cleansing water which is good for traveling. you can use this as a quick toner. i also got the rice line toner as my toner is running out and i'm not sure which product i want to try next. so this is going to be my backup. next i got the shea cotton mask. will try this out.

Coach outlet was having additional 20%. i couldn't help it and walk into the shop. there were so many people in the store. i guess they must be having a huge bargain. lots of bonnie line totes, writlest, crossbody in the store.

it rained a little when i was driving back and we saw rainbow. haven't seen it in a while. not in austin at least. it's so hot and dry here in the summer.

i watched harry potter on sunday. i wish they had more exciting fight scenes with more new spells and magic. overall it's just ok.

SmashBox and Ulta Haul - hot day

What I got from ebay?
  1. Smashbox Cream Lipstick - Style
  2. Shadow and liner Brush - Fan Club
  3. Smashbox Lip Brilliance Duo - TEMPT
I have not bought anything from SmashBox before. This will be my first attempt to try their products. I don't really like the Lip Brilliance Duo. The texture is a bit rough. Still need to try the others. I'm not too good with eyeliner brush. Need more practice practice!

Next haul is from Ulta. They are having huge sale on Ulta makeup products. I can't help it and grabbed some stuff ^_^

I need a bronze brown eye shadow for everyday use and a shimmery silver shadow for night look! Got 2 eyeliners for $1 each! what a steal!! a brown and silver liner to go with my eyeshadow.

Milano Cafe - sunny

another food craze......italian desert and light meal. heard about milano cafe from a website. apparently it just opened a few months ago. had to try another good cafe. the deco was nice and chic. i recognize most of them are from ikea :P

we had a tuna salad, blueberry cheesecake and milano chicken puff. the food is great. everything taste good. i love all the corn and apples in the tuna salad. the cheesecake is not too sweet and the chicken puff is flacky and yummy!

Food: 9/10
Ambiance: 8/10 (they have lots of magazines and some card games for you to chill)
Service: 8/10

4th of July - sunny

it was a hot 4th of july in austin. fireworks taken from congress bridge. it was packed with people and the traffic was horrible, but it's worth it to see 23 mins of fireworks lighting up the sky :D

Beauty Haul: Origins - super sunny

received a package from origins. was really excited to see and try their products :D it's comes in a really nice gift wrap and it's free!

i'm going to use the box to keep my rarely use accessories. i got a brush cleaner. really need one to clean all my makeup brushes. it's about time! and i got 2 free items. they were having a promotion, mega-mushroom face cream and mega mushroom serum. these are their most expensive line and supposedly good. i'm going to try them once i'm done with my CD snow serum and Vichy night cream.

Cafe Crepe Le - sunny

was craving for crepe. dropped by this new place Cafe Crepe Le for a late brunch on sat. this place just opened in march. glad a friend recommended this place :P

i ordered Morning Crepe with eggs, spinach, mushrooms, onion and Swiss cheese. it was yummy :P the sauce pours out of the crepe as you can see from the pic.

food: 9/10
service: 10/10 (friendly folks)
ambiance: 7/10 (nice cozy place, a bit too small)

will come here again for my next crepe craze ^_^

1st post - sunny

late warm sunny lazy sat afternoon. was staring in front of my computer and just decided to start a new blog! Enjoy!