halloween fun

i would like to introduce my new blog chusyblushy. i started blogging about beauty and fashion, but switched to home decor and furnishing after moving into our 1st home. i missed blogging about beauty and fashion. so, if you're a beauty junkie like me, head over to my other blog chusyblushy.

how was your halloween? i had so much fun handing out candies and chocolates to cute little and big kids. wish i celebrated halloween when i was a kid. they came with cute pumpkin/cauldrons buckets to giant pillowcase(smart kids).

candies and chocolates all ready for the little goblinsIMG_5868trick-or treat !!! using the basket i found on a church yard sale.IMG_5915 cutest supermanIMG_5919 ninja assassin??IMG_5945 bloody boyIMG_5959 air force & mermaid princess (he posed nicely for me)IMG_5966 mantao(my kitty) was very worked up throughout the evening. he missed his nap time as the doorbell rang every 5 minutes. the kids love him and he got all the attention(besides the chocolates). he dozed off right away after they stopped coming around 9pm. for some reason he loves sleeping on my dumbbell. IMG_6001 our very last minute spooky decor. made with white curtain, black paper, hemp and a “latern-style” light. he’s a boogieman.IMG_5971 i did dress up from for the evening. i was alice and the mr. was goofy. we just dug through our wardrobe for our “costumes.” did you have a spooky halloween?

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