vanity table makeover

i can't seem to find furniture that i want from the stores. when i find a piece that i like, they don't have the color that i want. then i started looking at blogs that feature diy projects for home, furniture and decor. i had no idea an old piece of furniture can be beautiful with new coat of paint or new hardware etc. before i wouldn't look at old junk or someone's used stuffs or go to thrift shops. i had only been to goodwill to donate. i had never stepped inside the shop. the idea of using someone used item creeps me out. after looking at cool projects from other bloggers, i figure i can overcome my fear and start hunting for unique and rare pieces at a much lower price. besides, there's always anti-bacterial cleaners and hot boiling water to kill all the germs.......rite??

one of the most important furniture that i need is a vanity table. it's where i spend 20 mins every morning. i don't want anything too big or too little counter space. i finally found this gorgeous table. it's meant to be a sofa/entry table. but i see it as my vanity table :) those curvy legs and wavy trims and of course the price....$40 make me tingle.

how it looks when i found it
after one quick coat of zinsser primer.

after 2 coats of valspar summer grey. voila!
we painted the room ourselves. we matched the color from benjamin moore's french lilac to sherwin williams harmony paint (supposed to be environmentally responsible and zero VOC). love the soft, romantic, soothing color. it was a hard 5 hours paint job. we went to bed that night with a whole new respect for painters. can't imagine doing this every day. phew~~~~~

The DIY Show Off



Julie said...

That is adorable! Great job

Wanda said...

First time visitor here. What a sweet blog!

Love this vanity table. I so get it about the curvy legs and lines. Perfect for a morning ritual. You did a great job restoring it.


With Love, Elle said...

wow painting that desk can take 5 hours??? including drying time issit? u are super talented diy master & mistress ;p i think its super rewarding, seeing your work done, displaying in the hall, so proud!

xoxo elle

Maria said...

Very pretty table. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

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The DIY Show Off said...

It's beautiful. I love rescued furniture in white - so romantic and dreamy! You did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing in the DIY Project Parade! :)


stellarvixen said...

soo dreamy your vanity table!
love the french curvy legs~! remind me of beauty & the beast disney cartoon hehe

wow your cottage is soo DREAMY!

cant wait to visit ya~

Anonymous said...

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