BBQ fest....overstuffed !!!

My parents were visiting and they were so excited to try Austin famous Salt Lick BBQ. It's 20 mins away from downtown. So we took a slow and relaxing drive. Nice scenery with all the green. Saw some cows and deers on the way. Feels good to be in the nature away from the bustling city for once. There was a huge Saturday hungry crowd when we arrived. We waited20 mins to be seated. I don't mind the wait since there was a man singing with his guitar entertaining us. I was very hungry by the time they seat us. We quickly ordered and waited for our food. We had ribs, briskets, sausages and coleslaw. Too bad they were out of pulled pork. Really wanted to try it. Well, maybe next time. We dug into our food. The ribs was excellent and the sauce is tasty. I was so stuffed after the meal. Better workout tomorrow!

Food: 9/10 (Brisket is a bit dry for me)
Ambiance: 10/10 (nice country setting)
Service: 10/10 (No complains)

Went to borders to catch up on my manga reading :) browse around their cute stationary sections and found a cute purple monster mouse pad. i figured i need a new mouse pad to replace my dirty old one :P it was on sale for only $1. i got a cute birthday card as well. now i need to figure out who's b'day is coming next!

Le Garage Sale August 29-30

is it worth checking out? it's $10 for a day admission and $7 parking

winding path - sunny

unsatisfied with today's work :( the same issue has been bugging me forever. please oh puh-lease let me solve it tomorrow. give me some light to shine my way through.

had a strenuous, tiring, moody day. but my day lights up when i opened the door and saw a bouquet of daisies waiting for me to pick up. i couldn't help, but buried myself in it and the fresh flowery scent sent my misery far far away :) the day doesn't seem so bad after all.

well, i still wish tomorrow will be much better ;-> greedy, eh. gambarimasu!! fighting!!

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love package - slight rain (it's about time)

it's been a while since i post anything. was pretty busy with family visiting and work.

i received a love package filled with paul and joe, lunasol, watson, wet&wild goodies. i love the cute packaging especially the japanese art with a tiger graphic on p&j the eye shadow. the lunasol pallette is gorgeous. i like that it's easy to blend. great texture. i'm using the watson chamomile sheet mask as i'm typing now :P very refreshing. hearts go out to the person who sent this!

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