Love package + Sasa haul

sun is out again after a week of rain and wetness........

received a surprise love package from WithLove,Elle. she included a lovely Dior bracelet with studded heart charms. i'm crazy about accessories. this is gonna be added to my collection. also a dangling cross earrings. SK II whitening skin sample and a chapstick (in time for fall. my lips get so dry when it's cold).

a huge haul from sasa. they're offering free shipping when you purchase above $75. apparently, it's free shipping now when you use paypal until mid october. great time to check out their website. i've seen a lot of negative reviews about their customer service. i'm lucky everything went well for me. they didn't charge me when i added an additional item after i placed my order. shipping takes about 10 days. not too bad considering they ship from hong kong.

relax relax......not everything is mine. i'm ordering for my friend and WithLove,Elle as well. i tried kose coenzyme Q10 sheet mask. it doesn't contain a lot of fluid and it dries off pretty fast. don't think it's doing anything for my skin besides hydrating it. it's cheap though :P

had a late nite snack in downtown. it's highly recommended in yelp. always wanted to try one, but it opens at 9pm and i can't wait that long to fulfill my hungry tummy. i had lamb and beef kebab. would prefer more sauce, otherwise it's tasty. the first bite was extra yummy as i was really hungry.

that's not me in the pic :)

Food + Flag

Gloomy Rainy Day...............

it basically rained the whole day. the weather changed from 100 degrees to 57 degrees. brrr........shiver shiver. it's time to take out my sweater, jackets, scarfs etc.

nice gloomy purplish sky outside my apartment. pardon the blueness as my hands were shaking.

interesting food pic. country flags made out of local delicacies. feel like travelling to these places.


$1 Swedish Meatball.....mmm

Ikea had $1 Swedish meatball meal over the weekend. how can i resist??!! always like their meatballs. it was extra yummy since it didn't hurt my purse :P

then i walked around for a bit and look at their new designs. i like to see how they decorate the tiny little spaces they have in those cubicle rooms. i promise not to buy anymore big furniture as it's going to be difficult when i move next time. there were a lot of new lower price items. got a new set of quilt cover + 2 pillow cases although i don't need any. it's only $2.99!!! what if i spill juice on my bed and need a fresh new quilt cover one day?? :P the material is a bit hard, but i bet it'll be soft after a few washes.

went to mall to pick up some leggings. fall is coming. it's buy 1 get 1 50% off.

Dinner time.....went to Chen Noodle up north. they make their noodle from scratch. i had egg and tomato. suppose this is good for my skin? it was yummy. like the sauce and the noodle is sooo smooth. bamboo plant is dying :( forgot to water it. this plant is suppose to be one of the easiest to maintain. guess i don't have green fingers.

Stop N' Chomp Giveaway

* Christian Dior "my Dior" Notebook
* Revlon DoubleTwist Volumizing Mascara in blackened brown
* Sally Hansen Spa Foot Mask
* Stripe Rite Nail Art Paint in Silver Glitter
* L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Paint in Black
* Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
* Japanese bang/fringe clip (for blow-drying)
* Mimi's Diva Dryer microfiber facial mitt

This contest is open to


1) Must be a follower of "Shop N' Chomp" blog.
2) Comment on this post and tell me what your favorite comfort food is and why? Include your
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Entries not abiding by the rules above will be disqualified.
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MIDNIGHT Sunday, September 6, 2009 PST.
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