i'm back!! rotterdam/amsterdam trip

i have been neglecting my blog for the past few months. i think i have a valid reason(hope you agree with me). i was in the midst of searching for a home, packing, moving, cleaning, organizing etc. this is in addition to my work which is pretty hectic recently. phew~~~~~finally, i'm more settled down in my new cottage, although i'm still sleeping on the floor like a nomad :) i'm starting to feel that being a homeowner ain't easy. my grass is dying and weeds are appearing everywhere. arghhh......i have no idea what to do. i used to dislike rain(i don't like being wet and caught without an umbrella), but now i'm hoping that it'll rain more often to avoid watering my yard&trees ;P

on to another subject, my much delayed post about my christmas '09 trip. it was a long journey from london to rotterdam. all because of eurostar not working in the cold winter :S we took a train from london to harwich way before sunrise. yawn~~~~~~ then we took a ferry to hoek van holland. it was a huge ferry and was packed with people. i slept most of the journey in the uncomfortable seats for ~7 hours. one ironic thing was they were showing a movie about a sinking ship. not a good movie to be shown to the ferry patrons, don't you think? then we took a train to rotterdam from the port. alas, we arrived! only to be stranded in the heavy snow and the tram stopped working. we finally made it to our hotel after lots of detour. the local people are really nice and helpful.

rotterdam is full with unique and weird architectural buildings.

can you imagine how cold it was?!!

windmill...the only one i saw at Delfshaven. it's a working windmill

amsterdam is famous for pancakes. this is bacon strips with vege...yum

the only tulips available are in Bloemenmarkt. i can imagine how beautiful it is in spring

erotic chocolates. i'll keep to myself what i saw in red light district sshhhhh......

next project: painting my room....how does french lilac sounds? psst...the organizer is given by shop n chomp. using it everyday :)