Number terracotta pots

1,2,3,4………numbers!!! decor items with numbers painted/printed are so popular. who would have guessed such a simple graphic would make such a huge difference. whoever came up with the idea is a genius.

look at some number items from pottery barn. these are not available now in case you’re interested.img51m img57m found some cheap terracotta pots from estate sale. 4 for $0.50. steal!! got a stencil from hobby lobby when they had 40% off and some flowers. off i go painting the numbers on the pots with black acrylic paint. easy, rite? NOT!! maybe it’s just me, but i had a hard time keeping the stencil in place. haha…..if you look closely there are smudges all over, but i’m too lazy to do over.

my estate sale haul from 3 weeks ago. i had so much fun. i think i paid less than $5 for all these :)138

my finished project. i kinda cheated by using 2 stems for 4 pots. oppss……no curtains yet. 211 


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hurricane hermine?

happy belated labor day peeps. i had a well rested weekend considering the fact that i didn’t paint my kitchen cabinet, which i was supposed to. on my defense, i did complete one tiny project.

hurricane glass. they are so popular as i’ve seen this everywhere in blogsville. even pottery barn & west elm have them. they are going for $20-$70. ouch!


img66m img24m

inspired by thirty decor chick, decor chick, my backyard eden i decided to jump on the wagon and look for glass and candlesticks that will work. a visit to the thrift store and came home with more than what i’m suppose to get. can’t help it as they are only $0.50 each.

182 mantao thought i got him new toys :P176

after washing, drying and gluing them with gorilla glue(this thing is dangerous) and running around the house to find items that will fit in the glass…’s what i came up with.


i love how versatile they are. i can change the contents in them anytime i want and they would look different every time. speaking of hurricane glass, texas is hit by hurricane hermine. it rained whole day today and still haven’t stopped. on flood and tornado watch. hope it’s a mild one. drive safe people.

switching topic, i checked out wimberley lions market on saturday. it was a nice 40 mins drive to the hill country. this place is huge. they have more than 400+ booths. i was so excited to check out the booths like a kid on the toys aisle at target. they have everything from vintage, antique, handmade etc. it’s hard to describe how wonderful the place is, so here are some photos……010 antique phone table006 real hurricane lamps013 love this painting. the girl is so cute024 dreamy chair….no wonder it was sold so quickly050shabby chic, cottage style046

super delicious german recipe popcorn. it has a hint of sugar042my haul. finally found star fish for my beachy decor. only $0.50 each. 157


fun with mod podge

after reading a lot of blog posts about mod podge and how wonderful it is, i decided to get one from hobby lobby. since then i’ve been having loads of fun with it.

i have some photos from my europe trip and decided to do a little project putting them up. i got some wooden clothes pin and scrapbook paper. love the prints on these paper. cut and mod podge them onto the clothes pins. easy, easy

i used a wine cork that i got from a consignment shop and tied a long yarn around it. then i just put up my photos with the clothes pin. it really helps to fill up my empty wall.



my new love…..lil’ mantao. adopted him a week ago. he’s the cutest


mantao is a chinese delicacy. i think lil’ mantao resembles it a lot with his white and brown stripes