i’m back! entry console table

i’ve been MIA lately. I was busy hanging out with friends during thanksgiving and bringing him around town since it’s his first time in austin. also, it’s too cold do work on any projects. don’t you agree?

anyway, I’ve worked on this console table for a while. just didn’t have time to blog about it. oppss……I forget to take a before picture Sad smile just imagine it’s ugly rustic wood color that doesn’t go well with anything in my house. after primer and 2 coats of valspar summer grey (loving this color). i need to fill the bottom with some baskets.Austin -November '10 011 I’m so into quatrefoil motif ever since I learned about it. ballard designs has very gorgeous products with quatrefoil motif, but they’re beyond my budget. so, I decided to make grab a stencil from living livelier and painted my console table with the stencil. it’s hard work. took me a whole afternoon to finish 2 coats of stencil. if you look closely, the painting isn’t perfect with lots of brush strokes and smudges. but I think it adds more charm to it Winking smile

Austin -November '10 023

have a nice week!


halloween fun

i would like to introduce my new blog chusyblushy. i started blogging about beauty and fashion, but switched to home decor and furnishing after moving into our 1st home. i missed blogging about beauty and fashion. so, if you're a beauty junkie like me, head over to my other blog chusyblushy.

how was your halloween? i had so much fun handing out candies and chocolates to cute little and big kids. wish i celebrated halloween when i was a kid. they came with cute pumpkin/cauldrons buckets to giant pillowcase(smart kids).

candies and chocolates all ready for the little goblinsIMG_5868trick-or treat !!! using the basket i found on a church yard sale.IMG_5915 cutest supermanIMG_5919 ninja assassin??IMG_5945 bloody boyIMG_5959 air force & mermaid princess (he posed nicely for me)IMG_5966 mantao(my kitty) was very worked up throughout the evening. he missed his nap time as the doorbell rang every 5 minutes. the kids love him and he got all the attention(besides the chocolates). he dozed off right away after they stopped coming around 9pm. for some reason he loves sleeping on my dumbbell. IMG_6001 our very last minute spooky decor. made with white curtain, black paper, hemp and a “latern-style” light. he’s a boogieman.IMG_5971 i did dress up from for the evening. i was alice and the mr. was goofy. we just dug through our wardrobe for our “costumes.” did you have a spooky halloween?

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pick me up D-table + halloween

saw this broken old D-table by the curb on the way home from work. it looked so sad and lonely. i decided to make a U-turn and jammed it inside my trunk.

before makeover. the leg was wobbly. can’t tell from the photo, but it was there.


i put some nail glue to stabilize the leg. after 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of valspar summer grey paint on the legs. i painted the top with minwax ebony stain. love the end result.


my simple and only fall/halloween decor. i’ll probably get some pumpkins and add more halloween decor on my front yard before the kids come trick-or-treating. oh….i need to get candies and chocolates too.

063Spray painted the pumpkin white and the column stand metallic silver. thrifted for $0.50 each :)


have a spooky halloween peeps!!

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Pottery barn knock off corkboard

time for another project inspired by green willow pond & PB. check out her lovely paris style corkboard. i took a shortcut and made a simpler version.

supplys: corkboard, empty frame, mod podge, burlap, stencil, acrylic paint, foam brush, scissors, hot glue gun.


done! got those vintage bingo papers from an estate sale. still have lots left for other projectsIMG_5777 total cost: $2
empty frame = $1
corkboard = $1
other have in hand :)

so many bloggers “bragged” about anthropologies' knobs. “coincidently”, i passed by one on the way to happy hour last friday. i found this lovely knobs on sale for only $2.95 each. Scored! No idea what i’m going to do with them yet, but they are nicely display for me to admire now :) also, snatched up 2 napkins with map print for $3.95 each. probably going to use them as pillow covers.


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antique show VS church rummage sale

i was really excited when i found about the bi-yearly anitique week show at roundtop & warrenton. tons of blogs featured this event and i want everything single item in those photos. so i made an effort to wake up early and drove 1.5hrs to the enormous “yard sale” 2 weeks ago. apparently, A LOT of people had the same idea.


antropologie look alike118

Pottery barn is selling these too for a lot more expensive. i got one from wimberley market days!126

don’t you wish everything belongs to you  133 owl craze. are you infected?135 lunch at popular zapp hall. everything was good except “texas caviar” which is just beans…bleh.140 the crowd157holiday signs

176dreamy chairs183unfortunately, i came home with an empty car. i do find a lot of goodies that i want, but they’re priced beyond what i like to pay for. i think it was because i went to a church rummage sale in the same morning and bought from a nice lady who priced everything below a $1. i’m spoilt!

everything for $2.50


little red table

Rain rain rain almost the entire week. it’s a shame for my visitors, but it didn’t stop us from having lots of fun visiting texas. from rodeo to shamu, bbq, german sausage, tex-mex, trade days etc. it sure was a busy weekend for me.

i managed to squeeze in some DIY time before picking up my visitors at the airport. let me introduce you to “little owl table.” this retro style side table is a curb side rescue. in order words, it’s FREE. the mr. picked it up after work. don’t get the wrong impression, i had to begged him for it. but it was worth it :)

before…ugly laminate and warp corners012
after…..lots of sanding, priming, painting, cutting and gluing042

after after…..searching, printing, cutting, sponging. owl is so BIG this season059

Since halloween is around the corner, let me share a “dark” photo taken at Fredericksburg trade days…….
Austin 2010 249b

btw, they are opening a 1st Homegoods here. i heard so much about it in the blogworld. i'm so excited and it's only 10 mins away. guess where i'm going to spend my free time :P


Number terracotta pots

1,2,3,4………numbers!!! decor items with numbers painted/printed are so popular. who would have guessed such a simple graphic would make such a huge difference. whoever came up with the idea is a genius.

look at some number items from pottery barn. these are not available now in case you’re interested.img51m img57m found some cheap terracotta pots from estate sale. 4 for $0.50. steal!! got a stencil from hobby lobby when they had 40% off and some flowers. off i go painting the numbers on the pots with black acrylic paint. easy, rite? NOT!! maybe it’s just me, but i had a hard time keeping the stencil in place. haha…..if you look closely there are smudges all over, but i’m too lazy to do over.

my estate sale haul from 3 weeks ago. i had so much fun. i think i paid less than $5 for all these :)138

my finished project. i kinda cheated by using 2 stems for 4 pots. oppss……no curtains yet. 211 


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