free to fab

mr. adventure and i was driving back from dinner and saw a pretty large crowd in front of a house yard. they were a lot of stuff lying around and i thought they were having a garage sale or something, so we parked the car and got down to see what's on sale. nothing was on sale. even better, everything was free. there were a lot of broken furniture and garbage. sadly, the nice furniture were already taken :( there was a eviction notice at the door. the tenant probably left in a hurry and left everything behind.
i managed to picked up a broken mirror with an extremely ornate frame. i love these kind of frames. makes me giddy.
i removed the mirror and spray painted it grey. added some nice vintage looking fabric from garage sale for $1.
one of the corner is missing the cravings. it bugs me at first, but now I think it adds character.
total cost: $5.5 for a very nice piece in my hallway.
fabric: $1
card board: $1
paint: $3.5

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chandeliers with crystal makes me wow

recently i've been decorating again. looking at diy blogs make me itch!
i picked up this free old brass chandelier last year and it's been in my storage since. i know, what a waste. i've been lazy...:P
here's the chandy before
after 4 coats of white spray paint (it's hard to get every single spot)
added some crystal that i got from an estate sale for $3 :) it wowed me. absolutely stunning. can't wait to start decorating my shabby corner(which is actually a formal dining room). the photo doesn’t do justice. I blame the lighting.

coastal charm
wow us wed 25