Canton First Monday Market ~ Labor Day weekend

Travel Date: 8/31/2013-9/1/2013

I enjoy visiting flea markets and trade days. You'll never know what you'll find among hundreds of vendors and you might come home with some hidden gems. The Mr. and I love browsing old antique/vintage items and trying to figure out what or how they were being used. Some items are just intriguing and it's fascinating how things have changed from decade to decade.

Since we had a 3 day weekend, we decided to make a trip to Dallas on Saturday and have an early start at Canton First Monday Trade Days on Sunday.  This is one of the largest flea markets in the states with ~6000 vendors. I advise printing a map in advance as it definitely helped us during our visit.

Some quick tips for 1st time visitor.
With various vendors in the flea market, it's best to have an idea what are you hoping to find in your visit. It you're a "junkie" like myself, I suggest parking at the West Gate. This area is uncovered and has tents and tables setup by each vendor. The price is cheaper and the vendor is more likely to give you a good bargain in comparison to the vendors inside pavilions. The Civic Center is fully air-conditioned and naturally everything is priced higher. The pavilions are filled with vendors that offer southern/western arts/crafts as well as home decor. There are also some vendors who re-painted/re-furbished/re-finished furniture and home decor items. If you're a DIY person, it's great to get some inspiration from these vendors. If you're a non-DIY person, these vendors charge a fair price for their work.

Not too forget, there are a ton of food vendors as well. Shoppers won't shop hungry!

What I brought home.

Drawers: $12 for both. They're from an old rolltop desk.
Baseball: $0.50
Coffee Sack: $2 Score!
Old Camera: $10
Alphabet blocks: $0.50 each

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