winding path - sunny

unsatisfied with today's work :( the same issue has been bugging me forever. please oh puh-lease let me solve it tomorrow. give me some light to shine my way through.

had a strenuous, tiring, moody day. but my day lights up when i opened the door and saw a bouquet of daisies waiting for me to pick up. i couldn't help, but buried myself in it and the fresh flowery scent sent my misery far far away :) the day doesn't seem so bad after all.

well, i still wish tomorrow will be much better ;-> greedy, eh. gambarimasu!! fighting!!


stellarvixen said...

hope you found the solution...wink wink
awww daisies to perk you up!

i like this song when i was once young
daisy daisy la la la
i go crazy all for the love for you ~~~