Food + Flag

Gloomy Rainy Day...............

it basically rained the whole day. the weather changed from 100 degrees to 57 degrees. brrr........shiver shiver. it's time to take out my sweater, jackets, scarfs etc.

nice gloomy purplish sky outside my apartment. pardon the blueness as my hands were shaking.

interesting food pic. country flags made out of local delicacies. feel like travelling to these places.



stellarvixen said...

interesting post about the food flag of each country with its specialty! so cute

pastry for australia -ah st. kilda street
parma ham & cheddar - switzerland
spaghetti ingredients - italy
blue, brie cheese & wine - FRANCE!
is that TUNE sashimi for japan?

kawaii~~ make yourself hot tea~~ keep ya warm!

With Love, Elle said...

that pic is really scary looking..what's missing is a bat at the background, its halloween soon for u yeah?? xoxo

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

this is so cute!! ^^ I love how the the food flag is made.. really original! ^^