london part 1

went missing for a long period of time. no excuse. just feel like taking a break from the blogging world ;-P time to rewind and playback my Christmas+New Year vacation in UK&Europe. Everyone told me it was a bad idea to go there in winter, but what did I do?? ignore their advice and went ahead to a cold cold adventure >_<>

london was snowing when i got there. it almost never snows in london. what happen to our climate?? i'm happy to find out my friend's place is not too far from the tube station. don't want to be frozen every time i leave the apartment to the tube station.

first meal in london.......BURGER!! not what i wanted, but every pub that we went was full. apparently thursday evening is also drinking evening. surprisingly it was good (psst....maybe i'm just hungry)

mince pie...a london christmas dessert. a bit too sweet for liking

pub scene in london

love the christmas deco along oxford st.

close up look of london eye

big ben at night

steak mushroom and cheese suet pudding. love the sauce. delicious!!

i'm addicted to tea. love those teapots, cups and tier plates. i'm hunting for a afternoon tea place in my area.

curry bratwurst from winter wonderland a.k.a. christmas market. londoners love curry. they have curry sauce to go with McNuggets....yummy

missed the train to paris due to severe weather. no paris for me


With Love, Elle said...

wb~ i want more stories, lil one~
<3 ur new layout i want i want!

xoxo elle

Shop N' Chomp said...

Lovely London pics! Welcome back, sweets =D

P.S Love your new layout

Mitsu said...

So many great pics and wonderful food porn. Gosh it made me all hungry >_<;; The tea tray is especially lovely.

stellarvixen said...

very deliciously sweeet tooth layout babe!
big ben photo is beautiful!
the best tier tea set i've ever seen!

hehe rillakuma now has a new theme song
Utada Hikaru - Boku wa Kuma ** kawaii neh melody

oh please get at least one liberty prints!!
hehe tot insert one sillly comical face of me..afterall me a funny gal!

Savvy Gal said...

Welcome back!