antique show VS church rummage sale

i was really excited when i found about the bi-yearly anitique week show at roundtop & warrenton. tons of blogs featured this event and i want everything single item in those photos. so i made an effort to wake up early and drove 1.5hrs to the enormous “yard sale” 2 weeks ago. apparently, A LOT of people had the same idea.


antropologie look alike118

Pottery barn is selling these too for a lot more expensive. i got one from wimberley market days!126

don’t you wish everything belongs to you  133 owl craze. are you infected?135 lunch at popular zapp hall. everything was good except “texas caviar” which is just beans…bleh.140 the crowd157holiday signs

176dreamy chairs183unfortunately, i came home with an empty car. i do find a lot of goodies that i want, but they’re priced beyond what i like to pay for. i think it was because i went to a church rummage sale in the same morning and bought from a nice lady who priced everything below a $1. i’m spoilt!

everything for $2.50



My Cottage Charm said...

Hi there! Thanks for linking up to my Treasures and Trinkets party, looks like you scored for $2.50! :) I LOVED those chairs at the yard sale...but I bet they were pricey! I like neighborhood yard sales....people are cheap and very friendly to boot! :)
Hope you have a great day!
Missy :)

Linda said...

Fun photos! It looks like fun to look around! I like yard sales, though, too! Hopped over from Treasures and Trinkets...

The House of Healy said...

Oh my gosh. I wish I could have been there! It looked ah-mazing. I'm with you on the price. I tend to end up at the flea-market with the guy selling tube socks because that's where my price limits me. ;)

So happy to have found your blog. I just adore it. Thank you so much for the lovely comment again! Can't wait to see all your fun upcoming projects. I love the to-do list on the sidebar!

alice said...

Well even if you did not had a great time with wonderful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing.
smiles, alice

Kathy said...

You definately got the best deal of the day!
Have a great week and nice to find your blog!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

cushycottage said...

thanks for all you nice comments, ladies :)