my new toy + yu + thanksgiving

finally i got my 1st dslr. i've been hunting for one for a long time. this is the only camera(besides my lousy phone camera) that i have now, since i sold all my point and shoot. i'll probably need to get a new point and shoot as well. maybe when i get my bonus (wink *_^) i'm going to take real good care of this baby. fingers cross ^_^

went to a japanese restaurant 2 weeks ago for a scrumptious dinner. the bill was @_@, but it was worth it. here are some food pics. the chilean bass was so tasty. it's marinated in miso sauce for 48 hrs.

hope everyone had a great thanksgiving turkey eating fest. i went to denver with some friends for a short trip. it was really cold compare to austin and the scenery was mesmerizing. there are snow top mountains everywhere in mile high city. our thanksigiving dinner was *bleh. we had buffet at grand hyatt hotel. the food was cold and bland. totally not worth paying for. we drove to aspen/snowmass for skiing. it was a pretty exciting journey. we saw wild ram and dead deer on the roadside. it was so peaceful out there. it started snowing a little. sitting on the ski lift and watching those tiny snowflakes gently descend to the white covered ground gives you a peaceful and calm feeling. there weren't enough snow for snowmobiling :( but the women worldcup was held on the same weekend. we watched a concert and fireworks from aspen ski slope. something special from the trip. no shopping/hauling this trip ^_^ on a side note, it snowed in austin last friday. it was a rare sight down here.

shopping!!!! victoria secret is giving a free cute pup with any pink purchase. comes in silver, gold, pink, blue, green. hurry and get yours! y4ou'll also get a free pink panty with a printable coupon from pink nation. just sign up and print.

christmas is just around the corner. have you put up your decoration? i'm pretty lazy as i've just came back from the trip and will be leaving again next week. don't think i'll put up any decorations this year. picture is taken from silvertree hotel in snowmass village.


kuri♥ayu said...

yay for a new camera! i would really LOVE one too~. and your dinner looked awesome :)

i can't believe that christmas is right around the corner... i need to get gift shopping asap ;p. and aww~ the gold vs pup is too cute!!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

I love those scenic pictures! And congrats on your new baby...yay! Can't wait to see the pics you take with it. :) That seabass looks totally YUM!!

(Thanks for your sweet comment!:)

Toothfairy said...

nice!!! the camera I meant... love it..

I still haven't done anything for Christmas yet, no decorations, no shopping, need to do it real soon though, time flies!