new wintery layout + bats

decided to change my new layout to a more wintery look to match with the season. it's going to get colder and colder pretty soon. it's kinda depressing every evening when i leave my workplace the sky is already dark. i'm going to miss the warm sunlight.

went jogging at town lake. it was nice and refreshing to see the calm sight.

guess what i bumped into??? bats!!! it was around dusk and they were going to forage for food. austin congress bridge has the largest urban bat community in america. sometimes i see bats in my office. i've no idea where how get into the building. i better keep my snacks locked up!

the picture quality is pretty bad. those tiny black dots in the sky are bats. it's time for me to get a new camera :P

on to beauty related post :) i received sephora holiday catalog in the mail today. they're having a promotion when you buy 12 deluxe sample size scents($50), you'll receive a full size bottle of your favorite scent for free! this looks like a good deal. what do you think?

had a small NYX haul some time ago when ULTA had $5 off $10 coupon. read tons of reviews and tutorial related to NYX, so i just had to get my hands on some :) pretty good excuse, eh.

lipstick: flower, indian pink
felt tip liner
trio shadows for esxy babe's eyes only!
lipsticks are pigmented but it's not glossy or shimmery. gotta add lipgloss of course! i'm loving the liner.

Nails!!! Revlon Tropical Temptation. like the neon color


amynaree said...

love the new winter layout theme!

cute nyx haul and the revlon polish color is pretty!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love that NOTD! :) And omg, bats in the office?!

Yumeko said...

ooh tats a lottta scents to buy though, wat would u buy?

and omg bats!?

stellarvixen said...

wish you could helpme with my boringblog layout!
hehe bats bring good fortune! and i luv my dark knight comic hero!! BATMAN! and his cool badass villain

yay for tiny weenie nyx haul..too bad they are not shimmery eyeshadow!kinda matte right?

time to dressup muh nails..i hav new post!!

cushycottage said...

Yumeko: i don't think there's an option to choose the 12 deluxe sample size. but i may pick up marc jacobs lola. love the floral bouquet