Number terracotta pots

1,2,3,4………numbers!!! decor items with numbers painted/printed are so popular. who would have guessed such a simple graphic would make such a huge difference. whoever came up with the idea is a genius.

look at some number items from pottery barn. these are not available now in case you’re interested.img51m img57m found some cheap terracotta pots from estate sale. 4 for $0.50. steal!! got a stencil from hobby lobby when they had 40% off and some flowers. off i go painting the numbers on the pots with black acrylic paint. easy, rite? NOT!! maybe it’s just me, but i had a hard time keeping the stencil in place. haha…..if you look closely there are smudges all over, but i’m too lazy to do over.

my estate sale haul from 3 weeks ago. i had so much fun. i think i paid less than $5 for all these :)138

my finished project. i kinda cheated by using 2 stems for 4 pots. oppss……no curtains yet. 211 



Donene said...

I love all of the numbers, it just makes everything look better!
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Shop N' Chomp said...

Cute! I think letters would look nice too. :)