fun with mod podge

after reading a lot of blog posts about mod podge and how wonderful it is, i decided to get one from hobby lobby. since then i’ve been having loads of fun with it.

i have some photos from my europe trip and decided to do a little project putting them up. i got some wooden clothes pin and scrapbook paper. love the prints on these paper. cut and mod podge them onto the clothes pins. easy, easy

i used a wine cork that i got from a consignment shop and tied a long yarn around it. then i just put up my photos with the clothes pin. it really helps to fill up my empty wall.



my new love…..lil’ mantao. adopted him a week ago. he’s the cutest


mantao is a chinese delicacy. i think lil’ mantao resembles it a lot with his white and brown stripes



Shop N' Chomp said...

Aw, you named him after those steamed cute! *^_^* I enjoy seeing your creative projects.

cushycottage said...

thanks for your comment lisa :)

With Love, Elle said...

wow the collage is really nice!!!!

n mantao got bullseye as the name..really look like ur steam mantao! wat flava is that?

xoxo taijie