Brussels Trip + Paint Job

i didn't know smurfs are from brussels before the trip. did you know? brussels is not a very clean city. the metro stations are dirty, old and shabby. you wouldn't want to travel on it by yourself.

too bad EU headquarters was closed for christmas. it would be interesting to get some souvenirs there. so, we headed to the atomium(i call it a mad scientist project) and mini europe instead. not a good day to visit. gloomy sky and chilly wind

there were lots and lots of belgian chocolates in different sizes, shapes and flavors. yummy!

nice packaging. expensive feel.
she's real btw. pretty neat!

went to one of the earliest shopping arcade Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. interesting little shops along the narrow street-like courtyard

my favorite place Grand Place-Grote Markt love those old european buildings. look at those fine details on every arch and statues. they are so intricate and full of historical evidence.

who's going to miss the chance to try real authentic belgian waffle with caramelized sugar (gaufre de Li├Ęge-Luikse wafel)? not me certainly!

meneiken pis. no idea why it's so popular. just a statue of a pissing boy. can you say vulgar?

completed the paint job in my master bed/master bath/living room after hours and hours of sweat, up and down the ladder, taping the edges, etc. finally, the gorgeous end results. goodbye plain white walls. will post photos when the rooms are more presentable.


With Love, Elle said...

real lady on a window??? did she eat those nice yummies? ^^

xoxo elle

cushycottage said...

yup, she really looks like a doll

Savvy Gal said...

drooling over pics of chocolates.

MIniox Decoration & Paint said...

We love Brussels too... and paint! ;)