Estate Sale finds

i have been thinking about how to decorate the master bedroom for a long time. i been browsing around the internet and decor magazines for ideas and finally decided to go with the cottage(shabby chic) look. i've always like cottage decor (hence my blog name). it makes me feel comfortable, relaxing and cozy. so, i'm going for it! but it's only limited to the master bedroom since the mr wants to keep the other parts of the house more contemporary.

i also want to find furniture/decor that are unique and rare with lots of characters. so instead of going to furniture store, i'm going to estate sale ;) i have never been to an estate sale before and have no idea what to expect. i was quick to realize that people do get up early on saturday morning. estate sales usually starts from 7-8am. bleh....i'm not usually a morning person, so this require a bit of effort.

it's all worth it when i return with so many treasures.

a shabby lamp with platform to hold my other decor. i like the mix green and white paint, the 3 pedestal legs and the price. only $25

other treasures: frame ($0.50), jewelry box($2), crystal($2), ornate mirror($3), very old board game($3) and a book from 1940s($3)

close up details of the jewelry box


stellarvixen said...

living up to your name~mscottage! are living your very own dreams-in the making!!!

those are beautiful nifty findings
too bad these estate sales aint popular in my place :(
perhaps over at ebay hmm

can't wait for more of your DIY projects!